Viktor Romanko was born in 1953 in Gukovo in the district of Rostov on the Don. Since graduating and working as the teacher and lecturer and after finishing his artistic education, Viktor Romarko has occupied a professorial seat at the Ural Conservatoire in Jekaterinburg, Russia.
His musical spectrum ranges from classical, original and folk music right up to rock and pop.
Viktor Romanko is the World's only artist who presents his own complete arrangement of the composition "THE FOUR SEASONS" by A. Vivaldi on the "bayan" (an accordion
played only with buttons).

Not only music tutors, students and experts of the accordion-scene arc anxiously awaiting this CD, but the many visitors who admire the successful artist at his concerts.

Join the virtuosity of Viktor Romanko
on a live-concert!


Professor Viktor Romanko won first prize at the International Accordion Competition in Klingenthal 1983 and is the holder of the first prize for The Art of Improvisation in Russia 1992. Furthermore he has also won prizes in numerous competitions in the states of the former Soviet Union. In 1994 in recognition of his exceptional achievements he received the award for "Outstanding Artistic Achievement in Russia". 2004 got Viktor Romanko in the name of President Vladimir Putin the highest honor "People's kindist of Russia".

tours and concerts

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldavia, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy,
Belgium, Austria, France, China, Norway, Sweden, Germany as well as Turkey and Switzerland.


Viktor Romanko has so far made eight recordings of his work, two on record, three on cassette and six on CD.

"Viktor Romanko – Bajan"  (published 1996)
"Von Vivaldi bis Gershwin"   (published 1997)
"Improvisationen"  (published 2000)
"Faszination Bajan"  (published 2002)
„Espressivo"  (published 2005)
„best of "  (published 2007)

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